Why You Must Take Control Of Your Life

The sign you are looking for is that you are looking for a sign

Sherre Webb

If you are waiting for your big break in life or a sign that it’s time to do something different understand that your big break will only come as a result of putting in the work that creates the life you want.

The sign you are looking for is in the fact that you looking for a sign. The moment you begin to seek answers to all of your unanswered questions in life, the answers will surely come. That is just how life works. Stop waiting for something or someone to show up and tell you what you should do, or need to do and just start doing. Even if you don’t know exactly what to do or how to do it, just start. People get this part of life twisted. I should know because I, at one point in my life, had the same delusional view of life.

The delusional perception that if only I worked harder and treated people right, surely it would pay off in a big way. The problem with thinking this way is that the specifics are missing, which can only result in going in circles, aimlessly traveling through life without a clear and specific set destination.

Kindness doesn’t pay the bills or put food on the table; however, intentional actions that also provide a service while being authentic, compassionate, and kind to others will eventually produce results that not only fulfill you on a personal level but on many different levels, including monetarily.

We don’t get rewarded for doing a lot of “stuff”. Life rewards value. Think about that for a minute. Broken down it simply means Value rewards Value. This is really the secret to achieving any goal and achieving that goal at a much higher level. You must add value to yourself, meaning increase your value by seeking the knowledge needed to add value to others. It means increasing your skillset by consistently practicing and learning new ways to do what you do, and then providing quality, high-value, life-changing service to others.

Sounds simple, but it isn’t. Most people are unwilling to do what it really takes in order to take their life to a new level, whatever that level may look like because of the work it requires. In all honesty, the work itself isn’t “hard” per se, meaning the necessary tasks that must be done aren’t hard; however, what has proven over and over again since the beginning of time, is the character traits that must be present within an individual are oftentimes missing. It is only when any of those traits are lacking in a person that creating the life you dream of seems hard to achieve.

The real work is in the development of your character because that is the only thing that will create truly lasting results. As we all know and have heard, nothing changes unless you do. This requires that you take control of your life and stop waiting on the big break to create a life for you. No one is coming to save you and those who catch the big breaks have worked tirelessly on creating a path that led to the opportunities that those on the outside looking in see. Once opportunity met the combined effort of years of their hard work, then and only then did they catch what we perceive as the big break.

When we are unhappy on any level in our lives it is because deep down we do not believe we have any control over the outcome in some areas of our lives, resulting in feelings of hopelessness and fear. This is a lie from the pits of hell! You do have control if only you will start taking action to change that which you are unhappy with.

Oftentimes, we deceive ourselves by thinking in order to be perceived as relevant or feel as though we are living life to the fullest we must be doing something monumental. You don’t! The true value, and what really matters in life are found in the details.

Take, for instance, me writing this article is very small as far as the scope of things that we usually perceive as being a big deal, but the thing that makes this everything to me is the value I know I will add to someone’s life. Who knows how many lives these simple words forming sentences will touch. The fact that it comes from my heart with the deep desire to help push someone into taking action in their life in order to live a life of purpose, is all that matters.

What trips us up so much of the time is playing the comparison game. This is a big no-no! Just do you. Being authentic is the only way people can connect and relate to you. Trying to be who you think people like or want to see is a sure way to lose every time.

We are so impatient in today’s society, desiring to have everything right now, forgetting that nothing happens overnight, so patience is key. Also, be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself up because you slack off or aren’t exactly where you wish you were after a period of time. That’s just a form of judging yourself and let’s face it, if you are fighting against yourself then there’s no possible way you can win.

Just to make it all make sense here is are the exact steps to take to begin to take control of your life. It’s not complicated at all, but sometimes we tend to get overwhelmed when it comes to making necessary changes and adjustments in our lives.

Simple Steps to Begin to Take Control of Your Life

  • Be honest with yourself about what you are unhappy about and need to change.
  • Write down what needs to change and the steps you need to take.
  • Write down why you want to see change in this area of your life.
  • Start taking steps towards achieving your goal.
  • Be true to yourself by always being authentic with other people.

Taking control of your life means looking at what you like, and especially what you don’t like, and then deciding that you are going to do something about that part of life you are dissatisfied with. Write down what you want to change or achieve along with the reason why you want to change, and then start where you are by taking small actionable steps to create lasting change in your life. Your reward will come from your persistence and being consistent.

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