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Lakisha Neal

I’m a single mother with 5 children, 2 grandchildren, and I’m in school full time. Parenting, being in school, and not being where I want to be in life was overwhelming and I kept doubting myself. I decided to look for a life coach/mentor. I asked my best friend to look with me and see who she thinks would be the best fit for me. My best friend chose Sherre Webb. I booked my appointment and the rest was history. She listened and has given and continues to give me great advice. She pushes me and also gets on me when I need it. She loves what she does. She is there for me morning, noon, or night. I’m am so blessed to have her in my life.

Michele Harris

Sherre was there to help me when I was at my lowest point in my life – when it seemed like everything I did was not working. I was scrolling through social media and found this link, took a chance and clicked on it that day. Taking that one step has changed my life. Sherre Webb’s life coaching has truly made me look at the real problem of what I was dealing with. She made me dig deep, and through all the tears and prayers I now know how to deal with my personal issues. I thought the best way to handle my situation was to write down all of my problems, but she changed my outlook. She flipped it and told me to write down all the things I was thankful for. Please go to the link below and check out her amazing book called “My Gratitude Journal”. Please believe me, speaking with her will change your life.