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The Coronavirus Pandemic -10 Lessons We Learned the Hard Way

The Coronavirus Pandemic -10 Lessons We Learned the Hard Way

All differences must be put aside when unity is the only solution

Sherre Webb

If you are like a lot of people, you are feeling the weight of what the entire world is dealing with right now, and it’s heavy. Not only are we bombarded with story after story about the Coronavirus Pandemic, but we are also inundated with the latest update to the last story.

If you aren’t careful, you can and will become addicted to hearing about the latest tragic story. Maybe you find yourself constantly concerned about the latest statistics, wondering if the numbers are rising, falling, or staying the same.

Everyday we are given new data informing us of how many new cases and deaths have been reported within a 24 hour period and because of this, you may be living in fear that your city will be the next one to get hit hard with this invisible enemy. That is, if you don’t already live in the hardest hit city of the United States, New York.

The truth is that there isn’t a person in the world that hasn’t been affected either directly or indirectly by the Coronavirus pandemic. Right now a lot of people are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and fearful about the future.

However, this is the perfect time to change the way you see the world and your place in it. Reflect and decide that you will show up every day and move through life differently from now on. There is always a lesson and a blessing in every unforeseen and unfortunate circumstance.

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Despite the the current state of the world, the times we are living in right now is the perfect time to make a shift in your thinking. Instead of allowing the news of the Coronavirus to infiltrate your every thought, try changing your perspective and look at the lessons that life is trying to teach us.

Our hardest lessons will always be accompanied by some sort of blessing. Many of which are not yet recognizable because the blessing is not meant to be seen at this time. Those blessings are in disguise and will be revealed at a later date. On the other hand, there are some lessons that we have had to learn the hard way due to the virus outbreak.

Here are 10 Lessons We Have Learned or Have Been Reminded of Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic:

1. No matter your religion, we have all been reminded that God is real and in control.

2. We learned real quick what’s important in life and what isn’t. This is why money and material possessions can’t be your “Why“.

3. We have to stop wasting time. Time waits for no one and it’s by far time we get intentional with the time we have been given. It is time to make your mark in the world. You have an purpose to fulfill, so stop focusing on petty things that don’t really matter.

4. Do not take your loved ones for granted. I think unintentionally, at some point, we are all guilty of doing this. It’s safe to say that the Coronavirus has taken each and every one of us by the shoulders and shaken us out of our slumber of assumptive behavior that your loved ones will always be there for you. Covid-19 has thrown us into the undeniable reality that time is precious and so are those that have stood by your side and loved you no matter the circumstances.

5. We should never take our educational system for granted, especially the teachers and other staff members, who spend the majority of their day making sure our kids are safe, are granted a quality education, and have other extracurricular activities available that help our children develop and grow into responsible, caring, productive citizens. It’s far time our teachers get paid more. They deserve it.

6 Be grateful for that job, the leaders, and your co-workers you constantly complain about. Coronavirus can and has for so many, caused it all to disappear in an instant.

7. Did I mention it’s time to stop wasting time? This one bears repeating. We waste so much time posting attention-seeking selfies on social media; discussing and debating with people about things that won’t even matter in a week. If you haven’t discovered how you are supposed to contribute to this world, now is a good time to seek direction and start living on purpose. You don’t have time to waste.

8. Being mean and hateful to people because of our differences is foolish and also one of the biggest waste of your time. Instead of focusing on others and what you don’t like about them, it’s time to look in the mirror, focus on yourself, embrace other’s differences, and see how you can become a better you.

9. Having a relationship with God is imperative. Whatever your belief, whether you call it the Universe, Higher Power, Allah, or any other name is none of my business. For me personally, it’s God, and having that connection to God is what will pull you through these tough times.

10. Recognize how blessed you really are. Waking up every morning and being given the gift of life, time, and the opportunity to actually make a difference in this world is simply put, a blessing. Coronavirus has limited our freedom and ability to move about as we once did. This pandemic has taught us to recognize and never take for granted the blessing in being able to move about freely.

The Biggest Blessing is Time

These are scary times, and while I don’t want to take away from the obvious challenges that we are all facing during these trying times, I do want to help someone understand that the biggest blessing we have been given is time. This is the single most important asset you have right now. What are you going to do with it to make you and your loved one’s future better?

I would love to hear your thoughts on how the Coronavirus has affected your life and changed the way you view the world now. Feel free to chime in to share your take on our current situation. Also, what are you doing to get through these touch times? Do you have any advice or suggestions that you think may help someone else endure this pandemic and come out stronger on the other side? Leave your comments below.