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How to Create Lasting Change in Your Life

How to Create Lasting Change in Your Life

When you understand the power of your mind, you will do everything in your power to change it.

Sherre Webb

The power of the mind is underestimated and misunderstood by most. This is apparent by the state of our world. There are masses of people who think that the current climate of our society and the world at large is a result of the very unpredictable and painful year of 2020 ; however, if you were to take a look just beneath the surface, the current underlying issues have been slowly materializing for years, even centuries. In actuality, 2020 is a result of many days, months, years, and decades of the conditioning of our mindsets – the good and the bad.

It’s as if the totality of our different mindsets have finally come together, and similar to a mad scientist mixing all the wrong ingredients together, we are now experiencing an explosion that none of us could have predicted, nor prepared for. Could it be that this explosion is simply a disruption to mindsets that are no longer conducive to the overall welfare of humankind? Simply put, there have been a string of events in recent years that have interrupted ways of thinking that no longer work in today’s society and moving forward. Regardless, I can’t think of a better time and environment than right now to create lasting change in your life and those you hold near and dear by shifting the way you think.

We have an even bigger issue that must be dealt with before any change can begin to take place. For one, people, in general, are so focused on the wrong things that they fail to see the real dilemma. For many, their time and energy is constantly focused on the crazy and many times, unfortunate events that seem to be occurring daily. Understandably, it can all become very consuming, but what if it were possible for you to redirect that same energy and focus on something that could really create lasting change. The key to accomplishing this is by changing the way you currently view the world and instead, see the opportunities that are being presented but are cleverly disguised as problems.

Usually, when I speak to people about changing their mindset, they respond as if I just ask them to climb Mount Everest. For the minority of people, this seems exciting; however, the majority of us see this is an impossible feat – something we would never risk our lives doing. In other words, there is major resistance to even the idea of changing one’s mindset because it is seen as something that is impossible to accomplish, or just too hard to do.

This blog is named Life Coaching with Sherre Webb for a reason, so I won’t sugarcoat the truth. It is hard work, but not impossible, and only attainable to those who sincerely want to change the results they are currently getting in life. If you truly want to experience life completely differently because you are dissatisfied with the ways things are, changing your mindset is not only possible, it is necessary. This is not for everyone. If you are happy, content, and satisfied with your life as it is, that’s great, but if you are not, and can’t seem to quite figure out why your life isn’t changing for the better, then this one is for you.

If you are still reading this then I know you are among the rare group of people who believe it is possible. The importance of changing your mindset can’t be overstated. Know that without changing your mindset, your outlook on life, and the reality of your life will pretty much stay the same. In theory, changing your mindset comes down to replacing thought patterns and behaviors that no longer work in your favor with new habits that will produce completely different outcomes in your life. If you are ready to find out what it really takes to change your mindset, keep reading.

The truth is, ironically, it takes a certain mindset to even have the desire to change your current mindset which is number one on my list which explains what it really takes to change your mindset. If you do already possess a particular type of mindset, it is almost guaranteed that you will stay stuck in the same familiar thought patterns. Look, I get it, change is hard and uncomfortable; however, if you were to ask anyone who has changed the trajectory of their life by transforming their mindset what they did to get to that point in life, their answers would closely resemble the information I am sharing with you.

If you are ready to take control of your mind by no longer allowing your mind to control you, keep reading to get the keys to what will surely help you take your life to an entirely new level. Keep in mind that the following is not a totality of what it takes to change your mindset, but is definitely a starting point. Once you understand these key steps and begin to practice them, doors will open and the next steps will be shown to you as you boldly step into your future.

What it Really Takes to Change the Way You Think

  1. A strong desire to change your mindset. because you are desperate to see lasting change your life.
    • Unless you are fed up with your current status in life, the desire to change will come and go. If you do not have a reason to change that sets your soul on fire, your thoughts will be mere fleeting thoughts filled with a list of “what if’s“.
    • When you sincerely desire to manifest a completely different outcome for your life, you will feel a certain level of desperation to create lasting change in your life not only for yourself, but for those that will come behind you.
  2. You must make a solid decision that you will be dedicated to changing your way of thinking and embody an openness to seeing the possibilities that lie ahead as a result of making this decision.
    • Life guarantees that nothing changes until you make a decision to change. Without you making a decision, everything will remain the same.
  3. Write down what you want.
    • There is a reason you want to change your mindset and that reason has everything to do with what you desire to attain in your life. To help bring clarity, this step requires that you be very specific, ask yourself the following questions:
      • What do I want to accomplish and why? The answer to this question will be closely tied to your purpose.
      • Who do I want to become as a result of receiving what I want?
      • How will I help others if I get what I want? Be mindful that nothing in life is lasting if you are not a blessing to others.
  4. You must spend time alone in order to become aware of who you are; not who you were told you are or should have become.
    • Many times we operate from a place of being influenced by someone else’s opinion and idea of how they may see you. The purpose of spending time with yourself is to discover who you are at your core. You must have a full understanding of what you like and what you don’t like about yourself and why. It is equally important to know what you like and don’t like to do and why. You will learn what habits you picked up as a result of inheriting conditioned thought patterns that [were more than likely] forced upon you as a child
  5. Accept who you and where you are in your life right now, in this very moment.
    • Obviously the reason you have the desire to change your life is because you are experiencing some level of dissatisfaction with your current state.
    • This step can be especially difficult because it requires you to get real with yourself. None of us are perfect, but when you desire to interrupt and change your current thought patterns, coming face to face with the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of yourself can be extremely uncomfortable. Be kind and patient with yourself with a full understanding that change takes time.
  6. You must be fully committed to doing what it takes to transform your mind and life.
    • This means doing the hard work even when you don’t feel like it. There will come a time during this process that you will feel like giving up because it will seems as though going back to how you used to operate is easier. You already know how to be who you used to be with no added effort, but remember, nothing worth having in life comes easy.
  7. You must surround yourself with the right kind of people.
    • This is critical to your growth and must not be taken lightly. Being around like-minded people who are striving to become better and reach their goals will not only help you become better, but will also challenge you to continue to do the work, especially when the going gets tough. Not only do you want to surround yourself with people who desire better, you also want to connect with individuals who are further along the path than you are because they possess the wisdom to help you reach your goals faster.
    • It is equally important to rid yourself of negative, cynical people. Adopt a zero tolerance mentality of being around, or even engaging in conversation with people who constantly carry negative energy. Be willing (with no excuses) to remove yourself from these types of environments.
  8. Create new habits that will eventually replace the old ones that have kept you stagnant in your life.
    • Creating new habits facilitates a growth mindset making it easier over time to continue to go to the next level in your thinking.
  9. Become obsessed with being consistent.
    • At some point, you will come to the full understanding that this is the most important habit you will ever master. Without being consistent in how you operate and move through life, no amount of effort in changing your life will produce lasting results.
  10. Get very comfortable with being uncomfortable.
    • Staying in your comfort zone is a sure way to stay exactly where you are for many years to come.

The above techniques to creating lasting change in your life are not new and are not all-inclusive, but a tried and true blueprint used over the years by those who desired to achieve massive success in their life. By following these methodologies, first penned by Napoleon Hill in his massively successful book Think and Grow Rich, you will become among the millions who have created generational wealth.

One of the key principles in creating lasting change in your life as previously mentioned is to surround yourself with like-minded people.

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