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10 Reason Why You Deserve to Win Too

10 Reason Why You Deserve to Win Too

Winners have a mindset that they must win by any means necessary

Sherre Webb

It’s time for us to wake up people. Its time to get out of this mindset that only certain people can be hugely successful because they were “fortunate” enough to catch a big break that the rest of us only dream about. I changed my mind a while ago that I will win – by any means necessary. Has it happened yet the way I imagined? No, but what I can say is that I can finally see things starting to come together, and this is after years of working towards making my dream become a reality.

Reality Check: Dreams only become a reality through consistent hard work.

Look, whatever you imagine yourself doing – whatever you daydream or think about doing that seems so out of reach from where you currently stand in life can be accomplished. I truly believe those thoughts are not random. The truth is most people don’t pay attention to the signs that point them in the direction they should be going in life, but instead go back to living like a robot, on autopilot.

The only difference between someone who is winning and living life on their own terms and someone who isn’t, is their mindset. That’s it. You may think, well they have money, or they just happen to catch a lucky break. The truth is no matter how it looks on the outside, most of the people we see who are winning had to work their butts off to get where they are. Of course there are exceptions because a lavish lifestyle has been handed down to some through generational wealth. However, in order for that type of wealth to be put into place, someone in that family’s lineage, at some point had to work extremely hard to make that happen. Someone in that family had a strong desire to do something that would not only make a big impact on other people’s lives, but would also sustain wealth for generations to come. But guess what? You deserve to win too.

It doesn’t matter how unobtainable it may seem in your current circumstance. Maybe right now, it appears that it could never happen for you, but I guarantee you if you start where you are, with what you have and don’t quit, eventually you will begin to see what you once only dreamed about, become a reality.

Maybe you have never allowed yourself to think about actually living life on a much higher level. I mean to the point that you could actually feel yourself there. If not, today is the day to start. It all starts with just a thought.

Here are my top reasons of why you deserve to win too:

  1. The person who is winning is no better or worse than you.
    • That person just believed that they deserved to win too. They simply adopted a winner’s mindset.
  2. You dream of living a much better life
    • That, in itself, is reason enough to believe that you deserve to win too.
  3. You have a strong desire to make a difference in other people’s life
    • People that desire to help other people definitely deserve to win too.
  4. You can’t stop thinking about that thing you wish you could do or become.
    • This is a strong indication of the work you are supposed to do in order to make an impact in other people’s lives, and a sure reason of why you deserve to win too.
  5. You have already started working towards making your dreams come true.
    • This takes courage and belief in yourself. Yeh….you for sure deserve to win too.
  6. You want to win by any means necessary
    • People who have developed this characteristic deserve to win because they will let nothing stop them.
  7. You don’t quit in the face of adversity – you simply pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep going.
    • You have a winners mentality. Period. You deserve to win too.
  8. You learn from unfortunate circumstances and allow them to make you mentally better, not bitter
    • This is a tough one to do. If you are someone who has developed this skill, you deserve to win too.
  9. You are willing to make sacrifices to make your dream become a reality
    • Sacrifice requires you to be uncomfortable, and you’re okay with living in a space that isn’t comfortable. For this reason alone, you deserve to win too.
  10. You understand the importance of being consistent and work hard at maintaining consistency
    1. This is by far the toughest skill to develop because it requires a huge amount of self-discipline. If you can master this one skill set, not only do you deserve to win, but are guaranteed to win too.

The one lesson I have learned during this journey and I want you to keep in mind, is sometimes it will feel like (and look like) you are starting to lose. The reality is you are still winning. There are peaks and valleys, ebbs and flows to this thing called winning. It is not a straight path and will require a lot of hard work, but if you are willing to do the work, then yes, you deserve to win too

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