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Embrace Your Greatness

Embrace Your Greatness

Before walking in greatness, you must first embrace the fact that you are indeed, great.

Sherre Webb

Today, if you were to pick up your phone or turn on your tv, it would not be long before you witness someone displaying a level of behavior that is so astonishing that you would be hard-pressed in believing what you are seeing. Sadly, there are actually people in this world with such low self-esteem and low morals that they have accepted a lower-level way of thinking as normal. Couple that with high levels of desperation for acceptance as a result of very personal voids that lie deep within which are completely invisible to the naked eye, and we have a population of people who do not believe they can choose to strive to live a better life or even a great life.

Greatness Reveals Itself

Your greatness reveals itself in what you do the best naturally. Your greatness is your God-given gift innately woven into the fibers of your very being, but all too often we shrink away from that which makes us great. Your greatness is what makes you different from anyone else – it’s your fingerprint in this world that demonstrates not only how you maneuver throughout life, but also highlights the personal impact you have on others. And make no mistake about it, you do make an impact. Whether you are made aware of that impact or not, stands to be confirmed by the results you see manifest in your life. The proof is positive in the results.

Greatness Stands Out

Your greatness stands out even from those whom you surround yourself with. It will be evident that you have surrounded yourself with others who are also walking in their own level of greatness when you realize that you actually make one another better. This is a tried and true sign that you have indeed, tapped into your greatness. Greatness, when embraced, will force you to grow into who you are supposed to become and will be the reason you grow beyond having a limited mindset into developing and possessing a limitless mindset. One that only exist beyond and outside of your comfort zones, boxes, and glass ceilings that you may have grown accustomed to dwelling in and dealing with the majority of your life.

Greatness Separates

Your greatness will separate you from mediocrity and place you among those who are well known for operating in their greatness. You will find yourself among those who have helped (and continue to) awaken the minds of the ones who have come behind them who also wish to discover their own greatness within.

Know you are well on your way to greatness when life seems to place you in uncomfortable spaces and places. As much as you would like to avoid the space between mediocrity and greatness, it is important to embrace this particular level of discomfort, as it is a sign that you will have no problem elevating to new levels of greatness. The duration of time you spend on this particular level depends on how willing you are to listen, learn, and grow without allowing ego to edge its way into the picture.

Embracing Your Greatness

Embracing your greatness means you are also able to embrace your weaknesses and do the necessary work to get better in those areas. Be aware; however, that in-between weakness and greatness it will feel as though you are between a rock and a hard place because in all honesty, you are. It is the space between who you have been and who you are to become. It is impossible to achieve greatness without some level of discomfort because greatness can not be contained in a space that is smaller than itself. Therefore, your greatness will take you to spaces that are beyond where you currently are in life.

Embracing your greatness is easy once you accept it; however, growing into your fullness is hard work. You must desire to come into the fullness of who you are so bad that you are willing to go through the growing pains.

Greatness Is a Mindset

The first thing you must understand is that greatness is a mindset.

Now lets get down to the nitty-gritty and go below the surface of what every thought leader in the world has already told you, meaning there is nothing that I just wrote that you haven’t already heard or read before. Therefore, I’m going to shoot it to you straight because at this point, not only should you be tired of living your life in a vacuum that sucks up all your energy and gives nothing in return, but you should be ready to do what it takes to get yourself out of the space that you detest so much, but also are both afraid and comfortable in.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, let me be the first to tell you that I am obsessed with personal development, I have spent countless hours…years actually, working on improving myself in the areas that needed it the most. Don’t get it twisted, by no means, am I a guru on any level; however, like many of you, I am striving for greatness in every area of my life.

As someone who can easily admit that I am a constant work in progress, I must also own the truth of my willingness to go through the pain and sufferings required to continue to transform into a better version of myself. I do this for two equally important reasons: one is my addiction to seeing just how far I can go and succeed in this life, and the second reason is that I also want to help you go as far as you possibly can.

The tests that life gives to each and every one of us are meant to build character – to mold and shape us into who we need to be in order to be able to stand in our greatness. I can come to you honestly and true with the intent of sharing what I have learned through my own personal experiences because I believe that you know you have more within you to offer the world. I believe that you know you can have more and do more in order to live the kind of life that you truly desire. Quite honestly, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t want to have a great life, but the only way you will ever do so is to know with everything in you that you are greatness.

You were born with it, but maybe, like so many others, life has sent the wrong people, terrible circumstances, and unfortunate situations into your life that, over time, have made you lose hope in ever walking in your greatness. If your experiences have deceived you into believing or feeling as though what you have now and who you are right now in this moment is all there is, please understand that this does not have to be your story. When you understand the process that is required on your way to greatness is not an easy one, then it will make sense why you must be pruned of all the things and of all the people that will only keep you stuck at a certain level in life.

If you are guilty of doing so, stop accepting less than what you know deep down inside that you deserve. The biggest mistake most people make and the reason they aren’t growing and continuing to move forward in life is that they don’t believe it is possible for them. Don’t be one of these people. In this microwave society that we now live in, people expect and want everything instantly and that just isn’t realistic. If you aren’t willing to do what it takes to live in greatness, then understand that you have yet to embrace your greatness because the ones that have to understand that greatness isn’t easy. It’s possible, but never easy.

Everyone has greatness within them, but not everyone uses that greatness for the good of humanity. You can either choose to step into your greatness and use it to elevate yourself and others to new levels or you can use your greatness to your and others detriment. The choice is yours; however, it is my hope that you will not only choose to embrace your greatness but to also stand in it and use it to propel you far in life.

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