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You Were Born With A Purpose

You Were Born With A Purpose

Why work so hard to be like them when you can be you

Sherre Webb

If you feel like your life is lacking purpose, you’re not alone. If the current state of affairs has caused many people to have to push the pause button on life, forcing honest assessment of the values we have been holding near and dear, forcing us to evaluate what really matters in life. Over the past 6 months either you have discovered your purpose after doing your self-assessment or you found yourself feeling a bit lost and confused about which direction you should go in your life. If you aren’t sure if you are on the right track in life, rest assured that the way will be shown to you once you understand the mere fact that you were born with a purpose, and begin your search for what that is by asking yourself the right questions.

Many people go through life oblivious to what it means to walk in their purpose. This is usually because they are unaware of the very gifts they innately possess, spending much of their time trying to fit in with everyone else. This is truly one of the biggest missteps you can ever make in life. When you come to the understanding that collectively, each person’s uniqueness is what makes the world go around, you will never again want to be like or envy another human being.

Create Your Own Path

If you suddenly find yourself wondering if you have been living a life of purpose, or just simply existing you are among many who now, find themselves in the same boat. The good news is you can decide to change your life at any moment, no matter your age, race, sex, or religious beliefs. When you understand and accept the power you possess to create the life that you wish to live, never again will you be among the lost and confused. When you accept this truth, you will begin to learn how to live your life in truth and on purpose. We were never designed to fit in, but instead, to be trailblazers who create new paths and new opportunities for those that will come behind you. 

Although you or I may be gifted in a particular area that other people are also gifted in does not mean that there isn’t any room for you. Amazingly, it means that you have been blessed with the road map which can show you how to get to where you are trying to go. The key is to always keep in mind that no one can do what you do quite the way you do it, which is awesome. The key to finding your purpose is to become self-aware and allow purpose to find you.

If you are struggling with knowing if you are truly doing what you are supposed to be doing, or it feels as if something is missing from your life, the first move to make is to start spending time with yourself. If you have never taken time out to discover who you are, then you and your purpose can never meet.

It is no different than preparing yourself for the relationship that you have been longing for in which you must take the necessary time out to ensure that you are the best version of yourself, willing and ready to grow with that person when they finally appear in your life. 

Your Purpose is Within

You were born with a purpose. It is why you gravitate towards certain things, while other things repel you. It is why you do some things naturally and may never be good in other areas. Some people discover their purpose early in life, while some find purpose in the latter years of their life. Time is of no consequence unless you are wasting it and continue to do so with no intention of making a difference. 

Oftentimes, your purpose is hidden in pain, only revealing itself once you have gone through something that has transformed you. It is during these painful periods in our lives that we are stripped of all the external “stuff” we use to pacify ourselves. The best thing you can do for yourself in these times is to allow yourself to feel whatever emotion you are feeling. Don’t try to stuff it because that is the worst thing you can do and those same feelings will later come back to haunt you, usually in a very unhealthy way. It is instinctual to try to avoid pain or attempt to ignore it altogether when going through difficult times in our lives; however, these are the times when you are stretched, shaped, and molded into a better version of yourself.

When you truly grasp the concept that there is no growth without some level of discomfort, it becomes easier to deal with pain. You will sit with pain knowing it also serves a purpose. Although uncomfortable, you will breathe a little deeper and easier knowing that this too shall pass because you will know that on the other side, your purpose will greet you with open arms, but only if you’re ready. 

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