I started writing as a means to release negative energy, thoughts, or mindsets. Throughout the years I have written poetry during times of distress or heartache. Writing is more than a way to express my feelings via poetry or share my perception of the world ; writing is therapeutic for me. It is a way to share my perception of the world around me. I write about life lessons learned and the wisdom I have gained through my experiences and interactions with those I have allowed to enter into my life (past and present), as well as lessons learned through observation. In sharing my life experiences and more importantly the wisdom I have gained, I will do what has always been extremely hard for me to do, especially with those that don’t really know me: I will be transparent with my thoughts and personal experiences . On occasion, I will share with you my poetry, which more often than not, tells a story of something that I actually went through or that I witnessed someone else going through. I feel led to share my experiences along with the knowledge, self-awareness, and wisdom I have gained in the hopes that my words will help enrich someone else’s life. After years of not having much of a voice, I now have a story to tell and a calling on my life that I must fulfill.