What Your Boss Won’t Tell You About Advancing Your Career by Derek Goodman

What Your Boss Won’t Tell You About Advancing Your Career by Derek Goodman

In today’s busy and competitive workplace and job market, the battle for promotion and advancement and the competition of climbing the corporate ladder is far more challenging than it ever has been before in memorable history. This makes the whole game of advancement a pretty difficult thing, especially in bigger businesses and corporations where there are 10 to 20 or even 50 employees vying for that very same position. Read on for some great insights from Sherre Webb Life Coaching.

The Dirty Truth

The advancement of many entrepreneurs is based on personal work, effort, and dedication. However, as unethical as it is, others use covert and underhanded actions to undermine others and forward their own advancement. These sneaky devices are meant to diminish the reputation of other co-workers, rather than basing advancement on personal hard work and achievement, all dedicated to making a difference in the company and actually earning that promotion. The latter is the reward method that should be employed.

Your Way to Advancement

There is a good chance that someone, possibly even your boss, knows a thing or two about advancing your career that they are not telling you about because they want to keep the data to themselves for their own personal use. The best way to eradicate the covert and underhanded competition methods in modern-day American businesses is to ensure that all workers know all of the data on how to be successful and how to approach success and advancement in their own careers. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Have a good boss, to begin with. Will a really grumpy, ornery, cruel boss be likely to promote you? Probably not. That being said, those who have successfully advanced in the workplace and who have really made a name for themselves in their field, and hope to continue on that path for the rest of their professional life know that working for the right leader will actually help you attain that is easily the first logical step to becoming a leader yourself.
  1. Your timing is everything when it comes to advancement. An Accenture study found that of 3,400 executives only 37% had asked for a raise, promotion, or job change of some kind that would help them advance. However what’s really interesting here is that, of those who asked, 65% in fact said that it helped them out in the long run. In fact, a full 59% of people who asked for a promotion actually received one! So, statistically speaking, the key to advancement is to ask for it.
  1. Don’t be “All about the business all the time”, be a human being too. You might actually assume that your boss wants you to give it 110%, all the time, every day, Monday through Friday, through the rest of your life, but ironically, doing so could cause you to miss out on a key strategy for high performance and getting ahead in the business environment. In fact, when you look at it from a more personal and human perspective, the Corporate Executive Board found that employees who believe they have good work-life balance work 21% harder and are more successful than those who feel as though their work-life balance is off.
  1. Leverage available tools. These days, technology is your friend, if you want to get a leg up in the competition in just about any industry. For example, when you’re looking for a different job, it’s easy to go online and find a free resume builder you can use to quickly create a slick, professional-looking CV in minutes. Once completed, you can download your resume and either send it out as a digital file or print it out for that face-to-face interview you’ve been waiting for.

Having a good boss, actually asking for that promotion, making use of available tech tools, and making sure that you are happy both at home and at the workplace are the three key points to succeeding in your career and to advancing. With these three in place, it becomes a lot easier for you to move forward and be happy and successful and advanced in your chosen career.

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