How To Hold The Vision To Your Better Life

How To Hold The Vision To Your Better Life

Without a vision, it is impossible to understand your purpose

– Sherre Webb

Can you believe that 2022 is here? The year 2021 came in crazy and went out crazy, but guess what? That doesn’t mean anything when it comes to you becoming the best version of yourself. The year 2022 will present many opportunities for you to reset and learn how to hold the vision you have for your better life. I’ll be honest in saying that I’m not one to wait until the new year to make resolutions to create change in my life because I have set a standard for myself that requires constant evolution. In this article, I would like to share the secret that I use throughout the year that keeps my vision clear no matter what life may throw my way. Applying this technique eliminates any overwhelming feelings as you continue to strive to accomplish your goals throughout the year.

When you use this secret you will notice a difference in how you handle disappointments or feelings of overwhelm. As you are already aware, life will happen; situations and circumstances that tend to throw off the most well-laid out plans will present themselves. The key to avoiding overwhelm or feelings of self-doubt is to practice doing what I like to refer to as a mindset reset. What this means is instead of getting caught up in what is going wrong, taking a risk of getting stuck in a space of what is not going right, it is more beneficial for you to reset your mindset by remembering why you initially wanted to accomplish a particular goal. When something comes and trips you up, lovingly reach down, pick yourself back up, give yourself a hug, dust the dirt off your shoulders and focus on the solution.

The only time you should look at what isn’t working is to assess and evaluate the cause so that you can determine the best route to take moving forward. Assessing the situation will make clear to you what not to do and what you should do differently. If you have never done so, begin to practice resetting anytime something is not going exactly as planned. If the past two years have taught us nothing at all, it has taught us that time is our biggest asset. One thing is certain and that is you do not have time to waste. Focus on what you can do, being deliberate and consistent in your actions with the understanding that consistency is one of those things that takes practice. It is very easy to get off track and stop being consistent until you make consistency a habit. Creating this habit requires that you consciously practice being consistent in every area of your life over a period of time. Keep in mind it can be kind of tough to stay on track as time goes on because it is easy to fall back into the mundane of previous behavior patterns that were of the norm before committing to becoming a better version of yourself.

This year is going to present opportunities as we’ve never seen before and I want you to get serious about what you really want in life. Get serious about the direction of your life; don’t just wake up and go about your day as though your life isn’t as important as it really is. Seek direction and be intentional in how you move throughout your daily life. Holding the vision for your better future is going to require that you be intentional even in your thoughts because your thoughts are a big deal. Intentional thinking means that you don’t allow your mind to control you but the other way around – you must practice being in control of your mind. As you go throughout the year, set the stage on day one with what you intend to do and with how you are going to do it by writing out what you want to accomplish throughout the year. The thing about writing out your vision is it implants the vision upon your subconscious mind, and even more so, when you write it out, it gives you something concrete to refer back to that will help you stay on track. As the months go by, we tend to forget where we started and what our initial goals were. This is something that can be avoided by writing down your vision and keeping it in front of you at all times.

I have a whiteboard that I use as a constant reminder to reset my mindset in the event that I hit a rough patch in life. I write down how I want to think and in what direction I want to move throughout my life, my intentions, and what I want to accomplish. Basically, I write down where I’m trying to go in life and when I wake up those words are in front of me as a reminder to myself of what my intentions are. It is easy to get caught up in everyday life, making it easy to fall into a daily pattern that is not conducive to what you truly desire. It’s not uncommon to find yourself off track as time passes. This is why it is so important to reset when necessary.

Let’s say you’re going about your life and you’ve set a goal for yourself and right around the 3-month mark (if you haven’t been consistent) you find yourself falling off the wagon. Instead of getting stuck in the moment of falling short and possibly getting to the point of giving up, reset your mindset. It sounds easy; however, believe it or not, it’s easier to get stuck in negative thought patterns. Don’t do that.

Last year brought enough challenges with the virus coming in one way and morphing into another version by year’s end, so it’s just really important for you to stay focused. Write down your plans and as things come along reset at that moment and instead look at the solution. Don’t allow yourself to focus on the problem. During the tough times, you need to only look at what you could have done differently in those particular stages and spaces and apply the lesson learned moving forward. When you begin to put this simple secret into practice you’ll notice that you are not wasting as much time getting stuck in what doesn’t move you forward.

If you’re going to look back at what you could have done differently or look back at what didn’t work, focus more on the areas where you won. Focus on the wins, no matter how big or small. Look at the goals that you did accomplish and at the blessings that you experienced throughout the year. Train your brain to recognize things that, right now, at this moment, you have to be grateful for. When you do this it allows you to be open to the possibilities and to continue to see the future in a way that you may not be able to see if you were to remain stuck in what isn’t working or what didn’t work.

Let’s incorporate this technique into our goals for 2022. Here’s a quick rundown just to recap:

  • Continually reset when things happen in life that can trip you up. Don’t get stuck.
  • Reset quickly
  • Evaluate the situation to determine what didn’t work
  • Quickly move forward. Remember, you don’t have time to waste.

There are a gazillion opportunities to win right now. Don’t allow anything to stop you from going out into the world and try to win in whatever way that piques your interest. Don’t limit yourself to a box that keeps you stuck exactly where you are. Open your mind with the possibilities of living a different life and lifestyle if that’s what you so choose to do. If you are satisfied with your current position in life that’s great as well, but for those who are really want to do something different in their life, you must focus on that one thing you want to see manifest in your life by being intentional in your behavior and not ever giving up.

Don’t get caught up in the time that it may take to accomplish your goals because the time is going to pass anyway. Most importantly, never allow yourself to get tripped up on what people think. Let it go! When people have a negative opinion about you and your decision to do something different, that is an indication that it is time for you to do something different. When you begin to do something different and people don’t like it, know that you are actually on the right track. Keep going and continue to evolve. Be open to change and continuous growth, even when it is uncomfortable.

Get excited about your future because the future holds something so much greater than your current position. Prepare for new doors to open for you because you are going to start attracting different people, different circumstances, and different opportunities. When you practice this very practical secret, you will see your life begin to change before your very own eyes.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts, questions, or concerns. Please comment below.

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