How To Have A Winner’s Mindset

How To Have A Winner’s Mindset

Become the person who deserves the desires you behold

Sherre Webb

Achieving Goals – Who Do You Need To Become? 

When it comes to setting goals in relation to your mindset, your goals must start with you in mind. Who do you need to become to obtain what it is you want to see manifest in your life?

Life-changing goals can not be set without a strong enough reason why. It also means that your reason for wanting to achieve a goal needs to be bigger than you – always. If not, you will lose your desire and motivation to accomplish your goals. It seems that money is the driving force behind the majority nowadays. As I take a stroll through the aisles of the social media marketplace, it appears that the standard dollar amount that one needs to earn in order to be considered successful is at a cool million, easily.

It’s easy to see how the pressure of meeting the expectations of societal standards can lead to feelings of insecurity, leaving a lot of people feeling as though they are somehow a failure in life, even when they are actually living a decent lifestyle – in need of nothing and still able to get and experience quite a few of the things that they want.

This is why you must have a solid reason for wanting to reach a particular goal. It is also why your why will determine if you keep going, as well as be the driving force that shapes and mold you into who you need to become to succeed.

Changing Your Mindset

Your why has to be stronger than any emotion you may have at any given moment and will, over time, require you to change your mindset. If you want to go from 5-figures to 6, or from 6-figures to 7, you will have no choice but to change the way you think. Changing your mindset means you must change the way you view not only the world but especially, how you view yourself.

If you are serious about achieving at a higher level there are a few key things you must be aware of right off the top that involve you having the ability to shift your mindset to that of a high achiever:

  1. Accept the fact that nothing withstands turbulence (i.e. tests and hardships) without a solid foundation and that foundation includes shifting your mindset to that of a winner. You must already see yourself as successful.
  2. The solid foundation is you, how you think, who you are, who you need to become, and then knowing the action you need to take to become that person.
  3. You must have a no-excuses mentality.
  4. Winning requires that you create new habits that align with the person you need to become.
  5. Understand that the actions that lead to success can only be driven by the right mindset.
  6. You must raise your standards to a high level of excellence. You can no longer accept mediocre thinking and behavior from yourself.
  7. Self-discipline is a pre-requisite to succeeding at a high level.

The Process of Setting Goals

Success leaves clues. It was true back when Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich and it is still true today. Do what has already been proven to work. Here are a few tips on the process that is involved in achieving your goals. This list is not all-inclusive and if you have tips that you currently use that aren’t listed below and feel they can help someone else, please leave a comment below.

The fact that you are still here reading is a big sign that you already understand the importance of changing your mindset in order to succeed. So, here’s my list on the process for setting and achieving your goals:

  1. Write it down. Of course, your goal starts as just an idea.
  2. Began to think about this idea on a consistent basis. Read your goals daily and believe that it’s something you can actually have or do.
  3. After writing the idea down, think about what it’s going to take, in other words, who you must become to get to this next level. 
  4. Write a plan in detail, even if you don’t have all the answers to how you will get there. (because you won’t and it’s none of your business anyway).
  5. Include a timeline. How long are you giving yourself to become? Boundaries, plans, and timelines will push you to begin to think on a different level which will then impact your behavior.
  6. Start working towards becoming who you need to be.
  7. Continue to write new plans as you grow to the next level and always keep in mind to be flexible with your current plans. There will be plenty of opportunity to revise the plans as needed. Trust me on this one.

The Winning Mindset Environment

I cannot overstate the importance of surrounding yourself with the right type of people. They must be like-minded and driven to succeed just like you, or else you will experience stagnation and you can’t afford to be stuck when your desire is to win. You want to have people around you that believe in you so much that they will hold you accountable and also push you to become a greater version of who you already are.

Your environment should not only include the right type of people but should be set up in a way that reminds you of what you are striving for and also welcomes growth. If that means you must put up pictures, quotes, goals, or anything else that will keep you focused on your goals, then do those things.

If you lack support within your current environment or circle, seek support outside of your environment. I did this by joining different Facebook groups and it helps a lot. This may be something you may want to consider if you find that your environment or current circle of people you are surrounded by does not encourage success.

The Result of Having a Winner’s Mindset

Now that you understand what it is going to take to develop a winner’s mindset – with the clarity of mind of who you must become to achieve success and immediately began to move through life as that person would. You now understand that creating a plan and then implementing that plan into everyday action will lead to success and most importantly, surrounding yourself with the right type of people who are like-minded and driven to succeed just like you.

There is a big payoff for doing the hard work required to succeed and these results can and will benefit you for the rest of your life, ensuring continued success.

Here are just a few benefits to doing the work of developing a winner’s mindset:

  • You create a solid foundation that you will always be able to build upon.
  • You develop resiliency, which calluses your mind against negative chatter, haters, unbelievers, non-supporters, and even your own mind when it wants to protect you from possible disappointment.
  • A winner’s mindset will stretch your mind in a way that you will be able to recognize immediately when your thoughts don’t align with your vision.
  • Developing a winner’s mindset conditions you to be comfortable outside of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone will no longer be an option. 

Keep in mind that doing something new always seems hard in the beginning; however, like anything in life, the more you practice, the better you will become. And isn’t that the goal in the first place? When you become a better you, your level of success has to align with who you are. There’s no better time than right now to become who you need to be to succeed.

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