The Battle Within

Before you can win any battle in life, you must first win the battle in your own mind.

Sherre Webb

There is a war going on in the United States of America and by no means is this your typical war. This war is occurring right now, everyday of our lives and it has affected every citizen of this country. The war for life, freedom, justice, and equality to name a few are apparent. However, before the war can be won, we must first win the battles that are occurring within our own minds. The war we find ourselves in is simply a manifestation of the battles that have been going on in the minds of millions for many years.

Let me be clear: This will not be a politically charged piece loaded with opinions and viewpoints in an effort to convince anyone of anything dealing with politics. No, there is a much bigger issue at stake that, if not addressed with a sense of urgency, will leave a trail of brokenness that will most certainly affect future generations to come. In all honesty, that fact is an obvious and inevitable one based on the recent events that have occurred – the biggest being, of course, the pandemic. 

Take a look around at the current state of our society and it is very clear why most people are unable to enjoy life right now. There is constant turmoil at every turn. From politics to our very well-being, the collective hearts and minds of the United State of America are losing the battle in life because we can’t seem to win the battles that are constantly taking place within our minds. The idea of really enjoying life seems like something of the past. Maybe you, like many others, only feel happiness in spurts of time while the remainder of your time is riddled with problems or just not feeling good about yourself. The reason we are now continually living in this type of environment is simple: It is an outer manifestation of what is occurring in our minds.

Constantly living in an existence of the unknown in the middle of a pandemic along with political and equality debates will lead you down a road to dissatisfaction. This state of existence makes it is hard to stay in a prolonged state of happiness despite your best efforts to do so. It is not enough to work hard and think positive thoughts and blaming outside sources will not solve the problem that the reason you do not have a winner’s mindset is that you have a real and true battle going on within your mind. So, how do you win this battle in order to begin to live the kind of life you desire, despite the current state of our economy and society that we have all, undoubtedly, been forced into? You must change your mindset.

Although it sounds cliché now because any and everyone is saying these exact words, simply put, it is just the hard cold truth. The battle within can only be won by changing the way you view your life and what is possible for you. Not only must you change the way you think, but you must also be willing to do the work to create the type of life you wish to see materialize for you. Frustration, anger, disappointment, and humiliation are bound to continue to plague your mind if you do not change unhealthy thought patterns. By not doing so, self-doubt will sneak in and the same vicious cycle of self-sabotaging thoughts will repeat itself. This way of thinking is a recipe for staying stuck in the same unfortunate and miserable conditions in life because if you don’t have a sound mind, nothing else in your life will work.

When worry and doubt constantly plague your mind, it is impossible to think positive thoughts and believe that not only do you deserve the best in life but that you will have the best in life. When your thoughts are filled with fear, worry, and doubt, situations will show up in your life based on what you continually think about. Indeed, they must because they will be in direct harmony with your foundation of thoughts.

When you understand that the God in you only works when you believe in yourself, the battle within (your negative thoughts), only have power when you give power to them. The way to live the life you really want to live is to learn to control your thoughts and work towards creating the life you wish to live. It is not easy, but it is possible.

If you were to begin to train yourself to consciously pay attention to what thoughts you allow to enter and reside your mind, you will notice why you may have had to deal with the same struggles throughout your life. Simply put, our reality is the outer manifestation of our consistent thoughts. The good news is that it is possible to change your mindset and learn to win the battle within and not be defeated by it.

We as human beings are both complex and simple. We are conditioned from birth with certain behavioral patterns through our DNA and our environment. If you were raised in an environment that was conducive to constantly succeeding in life and getting ahead, then your mind has been conditioned to think this way. The person born and raised in this environment knows how to go get the things they want out of life and succeed because it is the only way they know how to think. Inversely, if you were raised in an environment of the constant struggle of trying to make ends meet, the one thing you know for sure is how to survive. You are an expert at “Robbing Peter to pay Paul” and usually always get by because you have been trained to simply survive.

Every single one of us has the power to change our circumstances by changing the thoughts we allow to take root in our minds. This is basic knowledge and also why we are shocked when someone who seemingly has it all, throws it all away based on one decision they chose to make in their life. We are equally amazed at the rags to riches story; however, neither of these circumstances just happened. The truth is that each individual attracted either or circumstance based on their thoughts and what they believed to be true for them.

The same holds true for both you and I. We can choose what we want out of life. Yes, we can create our own battles in life based on our thoughts and beliefs, or we have the free will to choose to win. You and I can accomplish whatever we want. It doesn’t matter where you come from, or your current circumstances. The only thing that matters is what you will do to create the life you want to live. Your circumstances are not who you are.

What you choose to believe as well as what you choose to do determines your future and will become your reality. This is not to say that unfortunate things won’t happen, because they will. Inconveniences are sure to show up, but it is up to you to choose how to respond to those instances. Winning the battle within your own mind equates to knowing how to counter the tough times in order to win on a personal level.

Consistent work on improving your mindset by not allowing negative thoughts to control you will change your life for the better. This is a fact. Get ready to witness your world change right before your very own eyes when you win the battle within and always keep in mind that the thoughts you allow will also determine your actions, good or bad.

Winning the battle within is hard work, but anything in life worth having is worth working hard for. Isn’t your life worth it? Change your mind and win the battle within.

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7 thoughts on “The Battle Within

  1. I read this exactly in the space it was meant to be read. I’m at a pivotal point in my lyfe where it is time to take my already successful to the next level…but there is so much DOUBT! I know that 5years ago I started this business from the ground up, the work was hard and my days and nights were long. Now, here I am once again in the same space… but afraid to take the leap needed to move forward. I have read and reread this article morning. I realize it is time to change my “stinking thinking”. That doesn’t mean things won’t be hard but my prayers have to be different and very intentional. I must take it to God leave it with Him and stop worrying. I must EXPECT an answer instead of continuously saying He doesn’t hear my prayers! I now realize when I do that I am already defeated! Thank you so much for sharing and speaking your truth. It’s never easy baring your soul and being exposed! You my dear are headed for greatness through the words you speak and the empowerment you give to others. I am truly empowered this morning to think a different way! And blessed to be apart of the people who have the opportunity to read your words.

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  2. K. Graham you have truly blessed me this morning. Take the leap and know that you will land on higher ground. That “knowing it is time..” that you feel about taking your business to the next level is proof that it’s exactly what you are supposed to do and no doubt, you will succeed.


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