Your Life Matters Too

Your Life Matters Too

You Matter. You always have, and you always will. Period.

Sherre Webb

Like the rest of America, I am over it. The year 2020 has not been kind to us. On top of the obvious pandemic, this year has been filled with some of the most heinous acts. It seems in the midst of the chaos and disruption of what was once our everyday normal lives, people started taking life for granted. Parallel that with the discounting of human life based on our differences and now we’ve got a mess on our hands. A big one.

Overnight it seems the space that once occupied common respect for humanity has been replaced with hearts turned cold, now void of respect for human life. However, I refuse to give up on the human race, and I refuse to give up on you because your life matters.

Let me be clear: this is not a black lives matter vs all lives matter article. In fact, this is not about black, brown, or white people at all because obviously, those who are fighting that fight are clear about the fact that their life matters. No, this is not for them at all, but for brown, black, and white people who are genuinely struggling with feelings of inferiority, as though their life really may not matter. However, if you are reading this and happen to fit in the category of the former, please stay a while. Maybe…hopefully, you will be enlightened as well.

With all the unrest that is occurring on a day-to-day basis, my heart goes out to those who struggle with depression or feelings of not being enough -strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough, small enough, or big enough. Look, I can relate because I used to live with those same feelings at one point in my life and I can tell you there are a few main reasons why someone may struggle with seeing just how valuable their life really is.

From personal experience and after years of self-improvement and studying human behavior, with an emphasis on the mind and heart connection, I can tell you with absolute certainty that your life matters too and give concrete reasons of why.

These reasons aren’t your stereotypical reasons like your family loves you, or that you make a difference, which by the way are very real and true answers. To truly change how you view the world and how you see yourself within that view of the world, you must look beneath the surface and find the reasons as to why you may be experiencing these feelings. Once you figure that out, it helps you understand why your life matters so much. Below are some of the reasons I have found of why you (and countless others) may sometimes feel as though you don’t matter, along with reasons of why you actually do. Keep reading to find out why…

Reasons Your Life Matters Too

  1. Your life matters because you were born with a purpose.
    • Do you really think you are here without having such a important reason to be alive? The reason people are shouting all lives matter and black lives matter is because they know for a fact that their life means something and has purpose, right along with their loves ones. Please understand that you have a purpose and once you figure out what that it, you will also understand the value of your life.
  2. Your life matters because you are valuable.
    • There is no one that is more valuable than you. There is no one that is more special or favored than you. Only when you know your value will you understand that you can bring value to other people’s life. The real reward in life comes when you can add value to someone else’s life. Well, that’s impossible to do without knowing just how valuable you really are.
  3. Your life matters because you are different.
    • That’s right, I said it, you are different and that’s exactly what makes you so valuable. The problem with people is they want to fit in, not realizing that your uniqueness is in the difference only you can make. There isn’t a single person on earth like you. Now how amazing is that? There are certain people that you are supposed to help and be the one to change their life in one way or another – no one else can fill your shoes. If you don’t know the value in you being like no other, the people whose lives you are supposed to touch will never know how you could have changed their life for the better, and neither will you.
  4. Your life matters because you create change.
    • When you walk in a room, something changes, whether you realize or not, you create change. Think about it like this: If there is a room full of people there is a certain amount of energy and a certain kind of energy in that room. Now imagine that one by one, each person leaves the room and you are left standing alone in the room. You would feel the change of energy within that room, which is proof that you are just as special as the next person. In your own way, when you show up, you create change, and when you leave, it creates change. Now when you know your purpose, add into that knowing your value, as well as knowing you make a difference, then you will understand that you can actually create change in the world.

Too many times, people get caught up in wanting to be seen by the masses in order to feel like their life matters. They have the misconception that this is the only way to know they make a difference, not understanding that the difference is in the small details of life.

Finding what you do best and then doing that thing to make a difference and help someone else is where the real value of life lies. Your life matters too, and if you have ever doubted that it did, well now you know the truth.

As usual, I would love to hear your thoughts. If you would like to share, please comment below.

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