How Do We Heal

How Do We Heal

Today, I am tired. As I sat on my couch with the recliner slightly tilted back, attempting to find solace in the comfort of my own home, relaxation escaped me. Feeling the restlessness of the world at large, for the first time in a long time, the feeling of hopelessness came over me. Not because I do not believe I can make a difference, but because what we are seeing in the United States of America is the manifestation of ego that can no longer be checked.

An ego unchecked is dangerous, as we know. The inability to see outside of oneself coupled with a lack of compassion and a soul void of empathy has resulted in the current circumstances of this country.

This journey I have been on to help as many people as I can, heal from their own personal inhibitions and feelings of not enough, seems to not be enough in the times we are living in.

People are hurt. My people are hurting – tired of being misunderstood, taken for granted, unappreciated, and forsaken. Those who have never walked in the shoes of black and brown people understandably can never understand what it feels like to walk in our shoes; however, when there is a lack of desire to understand…well, now we have a huge problem in this great nation that is demonstrating anything but greatness in the present moment.

The force of many egos that no longer have a tolerance for incorporating humbleness can only bring one result. This same force of ego has this nation on a trajectory that seems to be building up to consequences of destruction in ways that eventually can and will humble everyone.

If Covid-19 was not enough to open our eyes to how fragile human life can be, to respect life as a gift given, and how in the grand scheme of things no one is above anyone else, then it seems the way to remove the ego from the heart of this nation, is to remove the heart itself.

While egos run rapid in society, unable and unwilling to see the truth, the very heart of our society is being ripped out and stomped on.

Does the question then present itself of how can anything or anyone continue to function without a heart? Yet, this is exactly what we are witnessing taking place.

In my observation, the problem seems to be simple, yet extremely complicated. The problem can be summed up with one word:





What shall arise as a result of taking the corrupt heart out of this nation? It is written, and if you do not believe in a Higher Power, then it would behoove you to develop a relationship with One because only God can help us now. And He will because He is just and fair.

How do we heal? Let go of the notion that one way, one type of people, one color of skin, one point of view, one way of thinking, and one way of believing is the one and only way.

How do we heal? Stop edging God out and let go of our egos.

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