10 Ways to Stop Worrying Fast During Quarantine

10 Ways to Stop Worrying Fast During Quarantine

Worrying is a sure sign that you need to shift your focus

Sherre Webb

Am I the only one who has had enough of the ‘Rona? Please don’t take my attempt to lightheartedly give the Coronavirus a nickname as a lack of compassion and awareness of exactly where we stand as a nation, as well as the current circumstances worldwide. I’m not in the least bit making light of this very serious pandemic; on the contrary, I feel like I have a responsibility to uplift my tribe, whoever and wherever you may be. I am here for you, to help you get through this; and even after we make it through this period in time, I will still be here, doing what I do best: giving and sharing with you the words that God, Himself has placed on my heart to share with you.

Now, on to the main point: I was sitting here folding towels (I am in the middle of doing laundry) and it dawned on me how peaceful I feel despite the fact that my job cut my hours in half and despite the fact that I, like most parents, have had to help my kids adjust to a virtual learning environment. On top of this, it’s my son’s senior year of high school and I have no idea if our kiddos are even going to get to have what I like to call “The Graduation Experience”.

Last but not least – despite the fact that it seems like we are living through the movie “Groundhog Day” because every day seems to be the same, with no change, as it seems we are repeating the same behavior as the day before (even though things are still changing every day), I choose to remain positive and at peace.

There is a reason I am not feeling anxious, irritated, fearful, or worried. My thought process, daily rituals, and behavior are very intentional as a way to safeguard my mind from thoughts that do not benefit me or my loved ones in the long run.

I thought it would only be right to share with you how I stay in peace, just in case you are experiencing negative emotions such as worry, anxiety, or hopelessness that may even be interrupting your sleep at night. If this is the case, my friend, losing sleep is a definite no-no. We need our rest, so let’s get to it.

Here Are My 10 Ways To Stop Thoughts Of Worry Dead In Their Tracks During Quarantine:

1. Turn off the news! Yes, I kind of shouted this one at you in my mind because I am not a proponent of watching the negative news all day, every day. Do I think it’s important to stay up to date on current events? Yes, I do, but to constantly feed your mind and spirit with everything that’s wrong in our world can’t be good for you and will only incite fear, worry, and anxiety. Is this really how you want to spend your time while being quarantined in the house? I didn’t think so.

2. Pray or meditate. When you pray and/or meditate you can’t worry because you can’t hold these two opposing states of mind simultaneously. I pray all the time, throughout the day, so it’s like I’m talking to God all day. I also meditate because sometimes, I just need to empty my mind of all the junk that had piled up. Both are great remedies for worry and anxiety. Try either or both and see if you don’t feel less stressed. Can I get an Amen? Amen!

3. If you must watch TV, I would suggest turning on a comedy or something that will make you laugh. For me, I still love watching Kevin Hart’s stand-up comedy shows on Netflix (even though I have watched them all before). I also like to watch Family Feud because the show is funny! You will never feel worried while you’re laughing; at least in that moment of laughter, you won’t.

4. Try reading something (this does not include online news articles). Read something uplifting. Read something that improves your mindset. Read something positive, or that will help you to become a better you. You won’t feel worried while you are filling your mind with positive information.

5. If you don’t enjoy reading (and I hope this is not the case because you may not finish reading this. Ha!), try watching motivational or inspirational YouTube videos. You can even learn a new skill by watching YouTube videos. If YouTube isn’t your thing, try listening to positive podcast episodes. Two of my favorite podcast are Steve Harvey’s, Daily Inspiration, and Eric Thomas’, Secret to Success.

6. Make this time at home count by spending quality time with your family to reconnect and build these relationships to be stronger than ever before. When you do this, you will worry less because you will know you have family who loves you no matter the circumstances.

7. Work on and perfect a hobby that you put down or forgot about a long time ago. If it’s a hobby, you will more than likely get lost in doing it and find yourself not worried about a thing.

8. Learn a new skill. As I mentioned before, you can find a YouTube video on anything and learn a new skill during these 30 days of quarantine. Your mind will be so occupied that you won’t have time to worry.

9. Use that new skill set to improve your hobby and use all three (education, new skill set, and hobby) to create a new stream of income for your household. If there should ever be another economic crisis, you will be better prepared to handle it financially. This is something I have been doing for a few years now because it is extremely important to have more than one stream of income. It will relieve stress during hard times and you will worry less.

10. Go take a walk and clear your head. Taking a walk is a great way to get in some exercise. The fresh air and a change of scenery will help reset your mind.

Hopefully, you can make use of some of the techniques mentioned above to reduce worrying. I use all of them at different times during the day. Some of them are daily rituals for me. For instance, I always start my day by listening to something motivational and inspiring like a sermon by Bishop T.D. Jakes, or Pastor Steven Furtick. If I need a serious pick me up, I will start my day with Eric Thomas, the number one motivational speaker.

Also, it’s important to make improving your mindset a habit. This will help you change your perspective and will especially help during hard times such as the one we are experiencing now.

Never stop learning because if you do, you will also stop growing. Find that thing you love to do and share it with the world. Everything doesn’t have to be done for money. I write because I love to use the written word to painting pictures of the possibilities for your life. I truly believe anything you want to do is possible, but the only way you can hold this same belief is to change your perception.

I enjoy helping others see the world differently because it’s a part of my purpose to do so. When you see things differently, you do things differently and will want to become the best version of yourself so that you can live your best life.

Remember you can’t do any of this if you are constantly worried about tomorrow, which you can’t do anything about anyway. Change how you do things just a little bit more every day and you will be able to make this time work for you in the long run.

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