15 Reasons to Be Grateful Everyday

15 Reasons to Be Grateful Everyday

Gratitude will forever be my attitude

Sherre A Webb

Has life got you down? Have you found yourself complaining more than usual because things have not been going the way you think they should? Sometimes life sends a bunch of crap your way all at once – it seems you can’t catch a break. Getting upset and complaining is the natural thing to do, right? After all, sometimes you just need to just get it out of your system – you know, blow off some steam.

Here’s the thing: The reason you feel like complaining, more than likely, is justified. The problem with complaining; however, is it does nothing for you – it doesn’t help make the situation better…like seriously, not even a little bit. Believe it or not, complaining actually makes your situation worse, but I have good news: the solution to ridding yourself of the habit of complaining is to instead, practice gratitude.

Reality Check: No amount of complaining will change the things you don’t like about your life.

Now I must admit when I first started practicing gratitude on a daily basis, it did not seem as though I had anything to be grateful for. Here I was behind on my rent and couldn’t pay all my bills on time. “What do I have to be grateful for?”, I thought, “these bills, or the lack of money that seems to be the cause of me not being able to pay these bills?” It seemed like no matter which motivational speaker, preacher, or book I was reading at the time, all of them kept referencing gratitude – speaking about the positive affects it will have on your life if you will only practice it.

I decided I would give it a try and guess what? Magically, my outlook on life begin to change, but even better, my life begin to change – for the better.

If life has got you down, try adopting an attitude of gratitude and watch how your life will begin to take a turn for the better.

Here are 15 ways gratitude gives you a life of abundance:

  1. Practicing gratitude will give you a sense of being surrounded by peace
    • This is because you really are when you are in a state of gratitude. Peace and negativity can’t co-exist within the same space at the same time.
  2. Having an attitude of gratitude will lesson the stress that comes with going through tough times
    • When you focus on the good despite the bad, it empowers you to know that this too shall pass.
  3. Gratitude will open your heart to receive more
    • An open heart equals an open mind and when your mind is open to the possibilities in life, you will attract them to you.
  4. Gratitude improves your health and overall state of mind
    • An attitude of gratitude is a mindset, therefore, ill thoughts and thoughts of gratitude can not dwell in the same space, resulting in you being a better you – a healthier you!
  5. Gratitude raises your vibration and attracts the things you wish to have in life
    • It’s true! Start showing gratitude everyday and watch as the blessings start rolling in.
  6. An attitude of gratitude will repel negative people
    • When you walk around with this great attitude, negative people will be turned off by your positive energy and will keep their distance, or change their attitude when they are in your presence.
  7. Practicing gratitude will bring abundance into your life
    • When you’re grateful, you realize time is your most valuable commodity. You won’t waste time on things that don’t serve to improve your life. You get busy because you’re grateful for the time you have been granted to make a difference in this world. When you do this, abundance will surely follow.
  8. Being grateful helps you to stay mindful of those less fortunate
    • Gratitude will always remind you of how blessed you really are. It will also bring to your attention those that are less fortunate.
  9. Having an attitude of gratitude gives you a peace of mind
    • When you start your day will gratitude, you are less likely to be thrown off by the hiccups that happen in life. It gives you a sound mind.
  10. Being grateful will attract the right people into your life
    • It really is that simple. I have witness this take place in my own life. Try it and watch who magically shows up into your life.
  11. Being grateful brings you joy
    • You simply won’t find as much to complain about and will feel a sense of joy.
  12. An attitude of gratitude draws like-minded people to you
    • In the same way your positive demeanor repels negative people, it will attract people who are like-minded because they will have the same attitude as you.
  13. Daily practice of gratitude quiets the mind
    • The racing and negative thoughts must move out of the way when you practice gratitude.
  14. Making gratitude a daily practice will allow you to see all of the possibilities for your life
    • This is because gratitude opens your heart and mind and places you in a state of awareness
  15. Being grateful will give you the desire to help other people
    • Being grateful and giving go hand in hand. You can’t be grateful and not be a giver, just as you can’t be a giver and not be grateful.

The next time you feel yourself going down that rabbit hole of negatively, try replacing it with an attitude of gratitude. It takes practice but you’ll thank yourself later.

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