Turning Failure Into Fuel

Turning Failure Into Fuel


It sounds bad and according to its definition found in Merriam-Webster, failure means a “lack of success” or “a falling short” so I can see why this word can be and has been used to define a person’s actions in life or lack thereof.

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However, we should use failure to catapult us forward and as inspiration to do something different. Failure should be looked upon as a reason to find yet another way to accomplish that which you have set out to achieve. Don’t allow the fact that something didn’t pan out as intended to derail you from your chosen path in life. Redefine what failure means [to you] by turning it into something positive, like a sign that you are on the wrong path and need to re-adjust your focus or change the path or plans you had set to reach your goal.

Think Irrational

Before I understood the process of reaching goals, I would get so frustrated when things didn’t go exactly as I had planned. I had to learn to adjust as I went along, whether it be to the timeline of when I intended to reach my goal or to my approach in reaching my goals but the one thing that never changes is the goal itself. Failure is a part of life and one thing is for sure: we will fail often, but what we should never do is quit. People that set high goals are determined to reach them. They are willing to work hard – putting their blood, sweat, and tears into something that they wholeheartedly believe in. Reaching goals is hard work, so what do you do when you put in the work and the result doesn’t even come close to the expected outcome? In fact, it may feel like an epic fail. This is usually when feelings of disappointment and doubt set in and you start to wonder if it was what you were supposed to do in the first place. It’s moments like these that you must train yourself to think irrational and understand that failure is not a bad thing. It may not feel good at the time but understand that ironically, failure is opportunity in disguise.

Opportunity at Its Finest

There is always a valuable lesson to be learned when we don’t quite hit the mark. These lessons come to show us what works and what doesn’t work. It is, in a sense, a part of our road map designed to reroute us in the right direction. Change your outlook and it will become clear to you when failure presents itself is at the exact moment when the opportunity presents itself at its finest. If we are not careful when faced with failure, we may not even recognize that it is the moment where the fork in the road appears out of nowhere, providing you with a choice to either take the path of least resistance or continue to fight for what you want. The path that is chosen is what will determine the course of the next journey on your road to success. Understand that if you choose to quit, it doesn’t mean your course will get easier, in fact, more times than not, quitting will only make your life that much harder. If you choose wisely and follow your heart’s desire, your mindset will determine how long it takes you to reach your intended goal. Do you choose the path of least resistance or choose the path that will present a challenge that can take you straight to the top? The top is where you aim to be, right? No one aims to be at the bottom. People end up at the bottom because they fail to plan. Instead, change your plan and get back in the ring and fight for what you want in life.

You have a Purpose

We all have a purpose and whether or not we choose to pursue that purpose doesn’t change the fact that it still remains so. The result of not pursuing your purpose in life is feeling unfulfilled and living a life of mediocrity. Lack of personal growth is why so many people are bitter, anger, jealous, and envious of others. If those same people were to exert their energy into improving their mindset and going after what they love to do, they would not have time or the desire to compare themselves to anyone else. Most people when faced with failure allow fear to creep in, paralyzing them, and keeping them from continuing to move forward. Please understand that fear is just an illusion; it is false evidence appearing real. Don’t allow it to stop you, but instead, meet it head-on and it will diminish. Change the plan but never the goal if it’s something that you really want in life.

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