When Your Comfort Zone Becomes Uncomfortable

When Your Comfort Zone Becomes Uncomfortable

People are finally starting to realize that we, as human beings, are able to achieve anything we set our minds to. For many, this was not instilled while being raised into adulthood and as a result, so many people have spent the majority of their lives imprisoned in their own minds, unable to understand why they have been unable to move forward in life on a much higher level. For many, the understanding of this truth has opened their eyes to a whole new world, and now the big thing is to stay woke, wake up, or any other term that signifies the ability to “see what others are still blind to” and so I thought this would be a good time to talk about what that really means in perspective to our own individual lives and living a life of purpose.

 Comfortable and Sleepwalking

The world is changing at a rapid speed and in the midst of trying to keep up and stay on top of the frenzy of it all, I have to wonder if people, in general,  areas “woke” as they would like to believe when it comes to living their best life. I could be wrong (and please feel free to weigh in under the comments section below), but if we are all so “woke” now, why aren’t there more people pursuing their true passion in life? Why are there more people than not, still stuck in the rat race of life with no future plans to one day live a life of purpose? Why do most people still settle on living a life of mediocrity? That’s not being woke. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of being woke and most people are doing just this – comfortably sleepwalking through life, totally unaware that they aren’t living at all, but only existing. I believe this to be the case for so many because as human beings, we hate being uncomfortable. Most people would rather stay exactly where they are in life instead of doing what is uncomfortable in order to go to a different level in life.

Comfort Zone Interrupted

What do you do when even your comfort zone is interrupted and becomes uncomfortable? What does it mean when life, without your permission,  pushes you out of your comfort zone and you are now forced to do something different? The natural response is to try to go back to what’s comfortable because, well to do anything outside of that space, can be downright scary. It is stepping into the unknown and let’s be honest, even the most adventurous person can feel uncomfortable once out of their comfort zone. The truth is this: most people fear the unknown or the unfamiliar and there are very few that are willing and driven enough to step outside of their comfort zone to pursue their purpose in life.

Don’t Resist Discomfort

I know from personal experience that when you don’t know what you were created to be and do, you lack the motivation to move forward to live a life of purpose. When you live in a state of not knowing, you tend to just float through life with no direction, going wherever the wind may take you. This is no way to live. A lot of people don’t even know that “not knowing” is the only obstacle preventing them from taking that leap and really making a difference in life. They have no clue that they don’t know it is their way of thinking in addition to lack of action that is keeping them stuck in their comfort zone. They don’t believe there is more to life than just merely existing and going from day to day just making it. Most of us know how to survive but have also experienced that feeling within that lets you know there is more out there for you than just getting by in life. When I had the survivors mentality, the furthest I got in life was just making it from paycheck to paycheck, doing the same thing day in and day out, not feeling as if I was making a difference or moving forward. I felt stuck because I was just existing but I always knew there was more out there for me so I started developing the winner’s mindset. This is what drives me to teach others how to change their mindset. Get out of your comfort zone and understand that anytime your comfort zone becomes uncomfortable, it is God’s way of waking you up, shaking you, and pushing you to do something different. Don’t resist the discomfort when it takes place. You may not even understand what is taking place but know that there is a shift taking place and it is an opportunity for your to change your mind and do something different.

Change is Uncomfortable

Being aware of what’s actually taking place during this transitional time and being willing to do something different is what being woke is really all about in regards to living a life of purpose. It’s not about you knowing something that the next person doesn’t know and using that knowledge to make the next man feel as if they are somehow lacking because they don’t know what you know. Being woke is about discovering your own purpose in life and doing whatever it takes to make your dream a reality. Being woke means recognizing that when your comfort zone suddenly becomes uncomfortable it is simply God’s way of making you aware of yourselfAt that very moment, be willing to take a step into something that you have never done, even if that something is simply changing the way you think. Know that everything begins with a thought: every change, every accomplishment in your life will start with a thought and a knowing that you will succeed. The funny thing about change is that it is uncomfortable but when it is time to step out of your comfort zone, to try and stay in that space will only create more discomfort, whether you want to admit it not. Eventually, you will, once again, become uncomfortable and this is the insane cycle that most people stay trapped in, not understanding why they feel unfulfilled in life.

Break the Cycle

The only way to break this cycle is to do something different. Do it scared. Be bold and take a step towards your purpose and eventually you will start to welcome that uncomfortable feeling because you will then recognize that as a sign that it is time to grow.

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