Quitting is for Winners

Quitting is for Winners

In order to win you must quit doing what doesn’t work

Sherre Webb

Are You Ready for Change?

The cliche usually goes “Quitting is for Losers” but there are instances when it is appropriate to say that quitting is for winners. I need you to stay with me on this one. Open your mind and let’s flip this with the intent of hopefully instilling a new thought process that will help you to push forward and go to the next level in your life. My intention when I’m writing is to hopefully reach those that are ready for change and are tired of going through the same fruitless cycles in life and ending up in a position that leaves you feeling hopeless and defeated, despite new opportunities presenting themselves.

Are You a Winner?

Winners quit. Let that sink in for a minute. Winners quit caring what other people think. Winners quit practicing self-sabotaging behavior. Winners quit procrastinating and complaining about things not being how they wish they should be in their life. Winners quit thinking that they can simply want something different without actually doing something different. Winners make things happen no matter what it takes. By any means, they go for what they don’t know and learn what they need to in order to grow. Winners have great goals; goals that they have no idea how they will reach; however, the how is the least of their worries. These types of people know because of sheer determination and perseverance, they will eventually win. They envision themselves living their dreams and then they work relentlessly to hold in their hand that which they see as already theirs.

Dedication is Key

When your whole being is dedicated to winning, you will quit doing things and thinking in ways that are not conducive to your personal growth. Winners quit allowing how they feel to dictate what they do or don’t do. They work on developing their mind so that they will have the discipline to make sound decisions to do what is necessary despite how they feel. Winners become conscientious of the thoughts they allow to run through their minds, their environmental surroundings, and the type of people they allow in their personal space. Winners quit wasting time, in every sense of the word: in thoughts and in deeds. Winners quit feeling sorry for themselves because life isn’t fair. Winners know life isn’t fair but decide they are going to win anyway, which leads me to the next point.

Trust Yourself

Winners quit being indecisive because they trust themselves. That’s right, winners make up their minds about what they want and keep this mindset until and beyond accomplishing any goal. This is why they continue to win. Winners learn to listen to that small voice within that tells them what to do, which way to go, who to connect with, and who to let go of and with no hesitation, they let go. They let go of people that in no way, will contribute to their personal growth and accomplishment of their goals. They don’t hang around people that don’t believe in them and aren’t striving to become more themselves. Winners recognize that unless they surround themselves with like-minded people, they themselves will never grow into who they are destined to become or achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Winners are single-minded in their thoughts – meaning they keep their eye on the prize and they don’t allow anything or anyone to distract them from their goals. Yes, when it comes to winning, winners develop tunnel vision, with the ability to view the big picture from a panoramic view. Even though they have the ability to stay focused due to their tunnel vision, they are wise enough to pay attention to everything going on around them. People who win study their craft, take the classes, watch the videos, listen to and read the material that will help them to become a master at that which they want to become or achieve. Winners get real clear about what they want and quit engaging in things that don’t propel them forward. Period.

Let Go of Who You Are to Become Who You Want to Be

If you have a dream you want to make your reality and you are engaging in any of the self-sabotaging behaviors stated above, quitting is the only way to win. It may seem like its impossible to stop doing a lot of things that you may consider “just who you are” but the truth is if you have a vision that gets you excited and wish you could achieve, that is a clear indication that God has so much more for you. But you can’t live in both worlds: the one where you stay stuck where you are and the one where you will actually soar and become more. It is necessary to start today working on yourself to become who you were intended to be. We are all gifted in extraordinary ways. Everyone has some ability – a God-given gift, that will create a different world for them while simultaneously helping others to become more of who they should be. No one is special. We are all created with special gifts and talents, therefore, my talents and abilities are no better than the next person. Different maybe, but not better. You have to be willing to die to who you are now to become who you want to be.

Every behavior that I said winners have to quit engaging in is all the things I, myself, used to do. Yes, that’s right – that used to be me. One day I made up my mind and decided that I was going to win. A made-up mind creates an unstoppable person. If you are not where you want to be in your life or don’t have the life you want to live, it is time to quit having a mindset that continues to keep you from your destiny and start winning.

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