Spread the Love

Spread the Love

Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud – Maya Angelou

I was thinking of how good it makes me feel to stop thinking about my own problems and instead focus on helping someone else in need. What if everyone did this on a regular basis? The impact would be amazing.

Just think about it for a moment…I know it may seem far-fetched but hey, where would the world be without different flavors of people.

There was a time in my life that I would see the good in any and everything – even if it was something that was obviously not good. Back in the day, one of my best friends used to tell me that I always viewed the world with rose-colored glasses on. I agree, back then, I did; but it was just my way of dealing with the ugliness of the world. Now, I choose to wear my rose-colored glasses, not as a way to shield myself from pain, but as a way to view the world in a way that I may spread love.

If you allow yourself to do so; I mean really try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes who is less fortunate than you, then and only then, will you realize that in one way or another, we are all hurting. This world we live in now is, for a better choice of words, overwhelming. And people are so busy that they don’t even allow themselves to feel anymore, at least not for long. Just turn on your television or look on social media and you will find they are both flooded with stories of unfortunate circumstances people are living with or going through due to the occurrences of very painful life experiences. Sadly, people, in general, only feel sympathetic for the moment. A tear or two may fall if the story is really touching and then, for the most part, people move on to the next story or the next article. Within a matter of minutes after viewing a funny video, GIF, or Meme, that happy feeling has returned, at least for the moment. I know for a fact that I have been guilty of this. How about you?

Every day we hear of a mass killing or a senseless killing. There is constant reporting on the heartless acts of crime that people commit. Even if it’s not crime-related, there are people that are struggling financially, are emotionally broken, or are spiritually lost and trying to find their way. There are people right now, at this very moment, who are still trying to rebuild their lives after suffering a natural disaster. There are parents out there who have lost a child or more than one child. Just let that sink in for a moment. If you are a mother, especially one who has experienced that type of loss, you felt the heaviness of that truth. If you are a father, you felt the heaviness of that truth. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have kids, if you have a conscious – a soul, then you felt that truth. We are all hurting – directly or indirectly because as much as some hate to admit it, we are all connected.

The antidote to begin healing and helping is to spread love. Give it freely. Sometimes I wonder will people ever get this. It’s so simple, yet so complicated for so many people to comprehend that love conquers everything. Love heals everything. One simple four-letter word: L-O-V-E.

It took me a long time to understand that by me staying focused on trying to find a solution to my own problems, it only made my problems stick around that much longer. It made no sense to me until one day I got so tired of thinking about my own “stuff” and started focusing on helping someone else that that was the solution all along (to focus on helping someone else). That is when the answers to my problems just started coming to me and this was without any real effort on my part.

The reason is that we are designed to be of service to one another and the moment we stop helping one another, we have now prolonged the solution to our own problem.

To the logical mind, it makes no sense to focus on someone else when you may have your own issues and struggles going on; however, what I’m suggesting is to be illogical and go against what seems to make sense. What happens when you shift your focus from your own problems to helping someone else is that you have now begun to solve your own problems as well. When you give to someone else, you are also giving to yourself because whatever you sow, you’ll reap. What you give to others, may it be time, food, money, or a listening ear, absolutely must come back to you. This is a hard truth for some to understand because people, in general, want instant gratification and returns on what they give. The hard truth is, until one learns to empathize with other people and give freely of that which you can give, your problems, my problems…our problems (whatever those problems may be) will tend to stick around a lot longer without resolution.

Remember these words if you don’t remember anything else I have said: We are all hurting in one way or another but we can all help to heal the pain.

Spread the love.

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